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Seminars & Journal Clubs

JPS: Joint Particle Seminar (external speakers), TJC: Theory Journal Club (internal speakers)

For seminar speakers

Please see the visitors page for information about preparing for your trip to UCI. Please contact Felix Kling, , with any questions regarding the seminar. We look forward to your visit.

Other UCI Seminars

Department Colloquium (Thursday, 3:30pm, RH 101)
Astrophysics Seminar (Tuesday, 3:30pm, NS2 1201)
Astroparticle Internal Meeting (Monday, 2:30pm, NS2 1239)

Other Southern California Seminars

We are located within driving distance of other Southern California particle theory groups.
UC Riverside

UCR Particle Theory group. Public transportation: Inland Empire--Orange County Line on the Metrolink. UC Riverside is a one hour drive from UC Irvine.

UC Riverside Theory Seminar (Friday)

Caltech High Energy Physics Seminar (Monday, 4:00pm)
Caltech Theory Seminar (Friday, 11:00am)
Caltech Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar (Friday, 2:00pm)
Caltech Kellogg Seminar
Caltech Weekly Calendar
UCLA Theory Seminar (Tuesday, 3:00pm)
UCLA Experimental High Energy and Astro-Particle Seminar (Wednesday, 4:30pm)
USC Theoretical HEP Seminar (Wednesday, 12:00pm)
UC Santa Barbara/KITP

Public transportation: Pacific Surfliner on Amtrak.

KITP Weekly Calendar
UCSB High Energy and Gravity Seminars
UCSB Astrophysics Seminar (Wednesday, 4:00pm)
UC San Diego

Public transportation: Pacific Surfliner on Amtrak.
UCSD Particle Physics Seminar

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